Welcome to Your 6 Week Challenge Success with Living Fit!

Living Fit is about more than just helping you succeed in this 6 week challenge. It is about a LIFESTYLE change to help you make healthy “fit” into your life. This 6 week challenge is just the beginning of setting you up to live a healthy and vibrant life. We have partnered with Crossfit Pathway and Clubworx to give you a FULL SERVICE program to not only achieve your health and wellness goals- but to surpass them!

By now you should have set the date for your 30 minute consultation and gotten the link for your Nutrition Intake Form. It is important you fill this form out at least TWO days before your consultation to receive your custom nutrition plan. You also need to email 2-3 days of a food diary to livingfitnc@gmail.com. This will ensure you get the most accurate plan and have the highest chance for success!

Living Fit is more than nutrition coaching. We are here to help you CHANGE your eating habits through your custom plan, our innovative tracking sheet linked directly to our coaches, and the actual MEAL PLANS that fit your custom plan. We make whole food based, healthy, ready-to-eat meals that can make meeting your nutrition goals less of a headache and more of an adventure!

We provide all of the nutritional information for each of our meals and we cater to every dietary lifestyle and are allergen friendly. Our menu changes every week and what is even more amazing is that we deliver the meals to YOU at Clubworx/Crossfit Pathway for you to pick up after your workout.

Because you are a participant in the 6 Week Challenge you receive a discount for each of our 3 plans designed specially for this challenge. There is absolutely no requirement to use this offer, but when you are making a major overhaul to your eating habits it can be very helpful to have some shortcuts that make it less stressful and less intimidating.

Below you will see the 3 plans we offer and the discounts under each plan. The A La Carte plan is available to use any week of the challenge, but the Tone It Up and Premium Shred meal plans are prepaid plans at the beginning of the challenge. When you sign up you are sent a personal coupon code to use for 6 weeks.

Note: All prepaid plans are for standard meals ONLY. Any additions such as extra protein, keto, or premium protein options are an extra charge and will be reflected at check out. All Taxes are included in the prepaid plans!