Simple Tools for Healthy Eating

As the new year begins, many of us look to make a fresh start and vow to adopt healthier habits. Some are motivated by a desire to lose weight, others to move more, still others want to get some of their chronic diseases under better control so they can achieve a better feeling of wellness and age in a healthier way. In order to do that, we need to take stock of where we are and, for many, it means changing long held habits.

We also need to address the 4 Pillars of Wellness:
1.  Healthy Eating

2.  Healthy Movement

3.  Rest & Recovery

4.  Mental Well-Being

This first talk addresses how adopting some simple tools can put us on the path to healthier eating and assist us with any weight challenges.


As can be seen in the pictures below, adult obesity in the US has grown exponentially in the last thirty years from less than 15% nationally to over 35% in some states in 2016. Childhood obesity followed a similar pattern.