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8 Simple Tools for Healthy Eating

Simple Tools for Healthy Eating As the new year begins, many of us look to make a fresh start and vow to adopt healthier habits. Some are motivated by a desire to lose weight, others to move more, still others want to get some of their chronic diseases under better...

What Makes Us Sick?

WHAT MAKES US SICK? Many of us resign ourselves to the fact that getting older means we will develop chronic diseases and perhaps even cancer. But is that our destiny? Not necessarily.   Although genes play a role, it is our diet, our environmental exposures and...

The “Skinny” on Healthy Fats

For many of us, fat has been vilified as the root of all evil- making us fat and clogging our arteries. Since the first nutritional guidelines came out in the late 70’s, conventional wisdom has said saturated fat is bad. This caused many to switch away from red meats...


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