You know the saying, “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. 

“It’s cliche”, Derek Fox admits, but he can vouch for the truth existing in this mindset.  

Meet Derek!  He is our newest partner with Living Fit! 

In addition to partnering, Derek is the owner of 55 Auto Works in Holly Springs, NC .  His most cherished partnership though, is with his incredibly supportive wife, Dana Fox with whom he shares 3 young children.  Derek opened his award-winning auto body shop 4 years ago as an avenue to join the growth and development in Holly Springs.  This business venture also proved to be an incredible opportunity to support a need within his own community.  


Derek is a natural problem solver.  These skills were fine-tuned long before 55 Auto and well before he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree at Virginia Tech.  As a self-proclaimed “car guy”, he grew up playing cars with a childhood buddy and by age 14 Derek’s mom predicted he’d own a car shop.  55 Auto Works allowed Derek to create connections, develop community relationships and maintain quality work for his customers.  For Derek, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.  His customers are just as important as his employees.   This commitment is evident as 55 Auto Works has been voted Best Mechanic Shop in Holly Springs by readers of Suburban Living Magazine for 2017, 2018, and 2019.


What brought Derek to Living Fit?  

Derek is an athlete. 

A runner, to be more specific.  But not just your average, casual runner.  Derek is an Ultra Marathon runner.  We’re talking 100 mile runs, folks!

Why?  Because it’s competitive, its adrenaline, it’s an outlet, a way to challenge body, mind and spirit.    

Derek joined a team of friends participating in the Tuna Run200 – a relay run beginning here in the Triangle and ending along North Carolina’s coast at Atlantic Beach.  His winning team suggested he do the Tuna Run on his own.  Always up for a challenge, Derek accepted.  The following year, Derek completed a single man 200-mile Tuna Run!  Starting to feel like maybe you should head out for a quick jog around the block this evening?

But let’s rewind a bit to Clubworx Masters Swim Club in Fuquay Varina where Derek met Jocelyn Midgett. As a former NCAA competitive swimmer and current open water swim competitor, Jocelyn continued to demonstrate an impressive ability as a Masters participant.  Jocelyn and Derek swam together for a time with this group.  

Launching Living Fit

In early 2018, Jocelyn and her husband, Ryanwould soon begin preparing to launch her family’s new business venture- Living Fit.  Living Fit would become a healthy meal delivery service for nearly every dietary need.  This service would fill the need Jocelyn saw within her own fitness community: to provide healthy, ready-to-eat meals, taking out the guesswork, the time and the stress of meal prep for many lifestyles.

Needing nutrient dense meals for his level of activity, Derek was immediately on board. When running such high mileage, it is essential that you fuel your body for the work ahead and for the post-run recovery.  A Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, Jocelyn soon began offering her plated, balanced meal service targeting athletes, local fitness studios & area gyms.  Derek had his orders in weekly!  Be sure to scroll down to catch his Living Fit favorite!

So, why a Partnership?

While on a long run, a time when Derek connects to his thoughts and creativity, he felt the impact Living Fit has made in his own life and the potential it has to make life-changing waves in our community.  Following that run, he decided to contact Jocelyn about a possible partnership.  Derek’s small business ownership experience and his essential need for great tasting nutrition made this partnership a clear benefit to both Derek & Living Fit!  

Living Fit

Derek’s immediate and long term goals for Living Fit align seamlessly with Jocelyn & Ryan’s.  For this small, locally-owned business, the future is truly “prepped for success” as Living Fit:

  • Provides access to high quality meals.  No chains.  No boxed foods full of additives & fillers.  Real, fresh ingredients going into Chef-Prepared meals.
  • Increases exposure to Living Fit and the food provided.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!  
  • Continues to grow as a small, locally-owned business.  Highly motivated and fully committed, the Living Fit team strives to cultivate a healthy, informed community.

We are excited for the future of Living Fit!

“Do something you love

and you’ll never work a day in your life”

What’s next for Derek?  

Derek continues to work alongside Jocelyn & Ryan to grow and expand Living Fit to more households and more fitness communities that are in need of that nutritional aspect of health & wellness. 55 Auto Works continues to serve Holly Springs and surrounding areas with exceptional car care needs.  

And keep an eye out, Derek will be opening his own affordable 24-Hour “runner’s gym” in Holly Springs in the coming months.  Body Shop Fitness will provide high end equipment (think Woodway Treads & Peloton Bikes) to it’s members.  The facility will also host workshops from local Physical Therapists & Chiropractors for the well-rounded runner!  The focus is on strengthening the running community, supporting their cross-training efforts and injury prevention for the runner.


What Can You Find in Derek’s Weekly Living Fit Order?

Keto Pepperoni & Turkey Sausage Pizza.

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