Macro vs. Micro


This year has been in general, really solid. I’ve had personal bests in many events and some marks that are the best I’ve performed in years for others. I’m proud of that progress. In retrospect, I’m moving in the right direction. I’ve had some breakthroughs in the past 24 months since getting to Athletic Lab.

We’re never as good as our best days and we’re never as bad as our worst.

So far I’ve rewritten my personal bests in the following events, to the explained degree:  

  • 100m: 11.05 s-> 10.92s
  • Long Jump: 6.79 -> 7.25
  • Shot Put: 12.48 -> 13.22
  • High Jump: 1.93 -> 1.95
  • 110h: 15.23w -> 14.87
  • Discus: 32.13 -> 35.05
  • Pole Vault: 4.30 -> 4.45
  • Javelin: 46.80 -> 50.52

Aside from that, while I haven’t set a personal best in the 400m or 1500m, I’ve run 3 of my top 5 times ever in the 400. I’ve also trended down significantly in the 1500m recently.


On a macro, it’s there. Anyone that looks at that and sees anything other than progress is delusional. Those are obvious improvements, some worth more than 100 points in the decathlon. Another thing to mention, in the past 6 months alone, I put up 2 of my top 4 heptathlon scores ever in an indoor season that was short, plagued by my decision making, and unimportant. I then moved to outdoors and have put up 2 of my best 3 decathlons ever with personal bests coming along the way. It is obvious things have gotten better. 


On a micro level, it’s easier to get more critical. In the last month, I prepared for a decathlon by taking a 3 hour, intense hike, in 95 degree weather the day before competition. I injured my back, pulled out, flew home early, and missed about a week. While we’ve been able to get back to track things. The weight room, especially relative to what I’m used to, has become non-existent, My legs feel fresher but a bit of my typical training stimulus is out the window. It’s in my head in shot put. In the decathlon, it’s a sliding scale. Some events improving, take others suffering. However, I’ve shown I’m in personal best shape across 7-9 events depending on what is used to judge. If that means shotput has dropped a bit, it doesn’t mean an enormous decathlon isn’t on the way. Micro or Macro all signs point to positive results. 


The Whole

Whether you’re talking about food or the decathlon- micros matter, macros matter, and it’s important to be aware of your situation. However, when you’re evaluating how you’re doing, stop using the last 3 days as your measurement. We’re never as good as our best days and we’re never as bad as our worst. If you’re wondering why your progress has landed you at your current position, evaluate based on your long term habits. I’m happy to say that I’ve long been committed to doing a well-prescribed program, to the best of my ability, completely bought in, and under the watchful eye of an elite coach. With all those things being true, hiccups and speed bumps will happen. They won’t stop progress. 


Adjust Your Mindset

It can easily be interrupted by a negative mindset. I’ve gotten myself out of that hole enough for this weekend. The last week was a mental battle of questioning myself and staying in it. However, this week, I line up in Ottawa for a chance to show what I’ve accomplished and demonstrate progress. While earning a trip to the US champs is certainly on my mind, staying focused on each individual event, executing appropriately, and keeping myself present will dictate the roles of the decathlon. Micro vs. Macro is relevant in food, life, and competition.

Find your peace by maintaining full commitment to your goals. 


This post is written by Devin Cornelius, a Living Fit Sponsored Athlete.  Devin is a 3-time NCAA All American Athlete and currently a post-collegiate Decathlete.