Lemon Basil Aioli (Low Fat)


The perfect side to your summer dishes!

Nutritional Information

Calories:30 g
Carbohydrates:.8 g
Fat:2.2 g
Protein:1.3 g
Fiber: g
Sugar:.5 g


This bright and light fresh summer aioli features the crisp flavors of fresh lemon zest and basil in our house made low fat aioli base made with our own in house mayo and nonfat greek yogurt. This is perfect for any seafood, poultry, or even as a light salad dressing! At just 30 calories per serving you can indulge in gourmet flavors without sacrificing your diet goals. Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Corn Free, Grain Free. 

**Nutrition is per Tbsp. 16 servings per container. **


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