Honey Citrus Lime Vinaigrette & Marinade


A perfect tropical salad dressing or marinade!

Nutritional Information

Calories:106 g
Carbohydrates:14 g
Fat:7.3 g
Protein:.6 g
Fiber:.1 g
Sugar:4.9 g


This delicate and light dressing has a tropical flavor that will make any salad stand out or is perfect for a grill marinade for chicken and fish! Sold in 16oz dressing containers and can last 2 weeks in the fridge. All natural, no additives, so fillers, no nonsense. Just real food. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free. 

Nutrition Based on 1 Tbsp. 32 Servings in a Bottle

Ingredients: extra vigin olive oil, non-gmo sunflower seed oil, honey, white balsamic vinegar of modena, orange juice, lime juice, sea salt


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