I figured I might as well start my first Living Fit blog off with something fitting. Being the first blog of my training year, the beginning of my relationship with Living Fit, and the Grand Opening of Athletic Lab South Wake this past week, beginnings felt like the right place to start. I was lucky enough to get introduced to Jocelyn & Ryan through Matt Arthur (go check out 919 Spine too!). A pretty minimal meeting immediately spawned into something greater. Jocelyn and Ryan were hoping to make Athletic Lab South Wake a new delivery location for their meal prep service, Living Fit. To be honest, Living Fit was a welcome addition to ALSW and seemed to match nearly perfectly with myself. Following the arrangement of ALSW as a delivery location, I requested an additional meeting with Ryan and Jocelyn about the potential of sponsorship. As many in track and field would know, the money floating around our sport pales in comparison to most top level professional sports. If that’s something you were already aware of, there’s also a good chance that you understand at my talent level, shoe companies aren’t contacting me with offers. Unless your at the absolute top of the mountain, positive relationships are the backbone of most agreements.

When I reached out to Jocelyn about setting up a meeting, I was a bit nervous. I’m a decent post-collegiate track athlete. It’s a sport that gets a lot of attention at the top level about once every 4 years. I’m not currently at the level. I was able to place 6th at the Indoor US champs last year. However, the Indoor Champs are much less respected than outdoor, in which I didn’t qualify. I had a sponsorship last year, but it was quite a bit different than this one. Jocelyn and Ryan likely knew little about the sport and I was completely unsure what they would think of such an idea. When we met up at Starbucks, I told them who I was, what I did and explained what would help me. They were eager to become involved and this new beginning has already

benefited me plenty. I’m gladly wearing my Living Fit tee multiple times a week, my meal prep time and cost have dropped and I am proudly a Living Fit athlete.

As a decathlete, I train between 15 and 20 hours a week. Our training is extremely high intensity and to describe the demands of this type of work will require its own blog. Outside of my training, I co-direct the new Athletic Lab South Wake location, work at Athletic Lab in Cary, and have just begun as the assistant throws coach for the Cardinal Gibbons Track team. Multiple days a week, my work day starts just after 5am and finishes after 7pm. Luckily, my training is typically melded into the mix of all that as well. However, my free time comes in small gaps and is typically enough to catch my breath, change my shirt to whichever uniform I need next, and get to that location. Over the course of a month, it was pretty common for me to fall off the wagon a bit in different ways. Any of the following could quickly fall by the wayside: training, work, meal prep, sleep.

I’m not here to tell you that this is a quick fix that melts your problems away. I don’t want to come off as a salesman and act as if this is some broad fix all. However, I do want to be honest about the benefit of having something like Living Fit in your corner. In track and field the battle is rarely with your competitors, but with yourself. This is especially true in the decathlon. Continuous improvement is the name of the game. The goal is to be as fast as possible, as strong as possible, and to develop as many of the technical aspects to the best of your ability as you possibly can. Within training, we’ve got this quite well balanced. The remaining 20-22 hours a day outside of training are where this battle is won or lost. Because Living Fit has taken the stress and time consumption of meal prep off my plate, the remaining ‘big blocks’ have all improved. Time not spent preparing meals is spent studying film, being a better employee, or getting much needed rest. As this relationship has just begun, I have already recognized that I am able to be a better version of myself and better pursue my goals.

I make a lot of statements about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. As a ‘whole’ athlete, I’ve been lucky enough to come across an opportunity to continue to compete with an extremely high level coach, who also acts as my boss, build relationships with local facilities for practice access, and now forge a relationship with Living Fit to assist with my nutritional needs. All in the hopes that the sum of all of us, can help me pursue dreams others would describe as unrealistic, surpassing the expectations of the potential anyone else thought I might have. I wouldn’t want anyone in my corner other than who is already in it. A motto of Athletic Lab’s is “Game Changing Life Changing” and I feel very strongly that those around me are doing both of those for me.

The beginning of the 2018-2019 season is upon us, and I’m looking forward to writing this chapter with Living Fit.

Devin Cornelius is a post-collegiate Living Fit decathlete. Devin is involved in the local fitness community in a variety of ways. From his personal track and field background,  to co-directing Athletic Lab South Wake, and coaching track and field at Cardinal Gibbons high school, Devin is a facet of various different local groups. As an athlete, Devin has competed amongst some of the best, finishing 6th at the Indoor USA track and field championships last year. Collegiately, Devin was also a 3 time NCAA all-american. He is a graduate of St. John Fisher College and the University of Central Missouri.