Whether you are a first time stumbler or a weekly customer, you may or may not know about our humble beginnings and the mission we set out to champion. Read on to find out just how we found ourselves with a 2000SF commercial kitchen within 6 months of business and a goal to integrate food, health, and fitness and promote local small business connections!

Living Fit was born when a woman in Jocelyn & Ryan’s crossfit gym inquired about ready-to-eat meals for her husband, a lineman, in a local mom group. Jocelyn offered to make her some meals, but if she was going to make those she might as well see if anyone else was interested. The first post to her gym membership page garnered over 100 meal requests and within weeks business was moving! Jocelyn had 2 other jobs at the time including shooting weddings with Ryan for their photography company, Jocelyn & Ryan Photography, and teaching swim team. They also had a 3 year old and 9 month old at the time. Naturally being the crazy people they are they decided to go with the flow and dive right in!

Jocelyn is the Executive Chef and has a passion for using her classical cooking techniques learned at The Culinary Institute of America to develop nutritionally balanced meals that actually made people EXCITED to eat. Having been a personal trainer and developed an integrated bio-feedback based nutrition consulting business, Jocelyn knew that the biggest challenge always came down to food. No matter what the story it always ended in the general complaint that no one has time to be prepared or they fall back on bland or repetitive dishes to not have to think about meal prepping for the week. Being that we eat 5-6 times a day, it is not hard to imagine that if you dread each of those meals you are not likely to sustain the life style change. A key mission for us is to prove that eating food that is nourishing for our bodies does not have to mean sacrificing taste or creativity!

Living Fit meals were designed to be chef crafted from whole foods using scratch recipes. Even our mayo is made in-house from Non-GMO Sunflower Seed Oil. We make our own chicken stock and bone broth. We make our own brine for our chicken and pork to naturally make them moister and tastier without the fat. All our meats are hormones and antibiotic free. Jocelyn will actually drive out of her way to get an ingredient that meets her standards rather than compromise. Classical cooking techniques are utilized to naturally bring nutrition into alignment without the added preservatives, fillers, or added calories. She also had a knack for being able to adapt recipes to any dietary lifestyle and uses Paleo as a template for the majority of her meals.

On top of all of that, our kitchen is 100% dedicated gluten free. Even our new Vulcan convection oven has never had gluten it it and all of our cooking equipment was brand new and had never touched gluten. No staff is allowed to store anything with gluten on all shared surfaces or refrigeration. We run a tight ship, but it is worth it to be able to provide that peace of mind for people who need it!

So making delicious, wholesome food is great, but what does it actually mean to “Live Fit”?

Living Fit is about helping people commit to and maintain a lifestyle change. It is about helping fill in the blanks during the week so you don’t leave your second sports team practice with the kids to remember the fridge contains just condiments for dinner. It is about promoting flexibility with your diet and with how you talk to yourself about what you eat to create a positive relationship with food, health, and fitness as opposed to a love/hate one. The road to good health is not a straight one. It is meant to have peaks and valleys and learning opportunities, but Living Fit is here to help you navigate those curves. Whether you just need meals to keep you on track, a flexible nutrition plan, one on one coaching to meet your goals, or you just want to stop in for the articles and local partner spotlights we are here for you.

As we get this blog up and running, our goal is to provide high quality, evidence driven content about everything health and wellness related. We will have guest posts from our local partners to highlight the amazing people that exist next door to help you live your best life. Whether your goal is to stand on a podium or just be able to chase your kids around without being winded, we are here to be your partner, your cheerleader, and your resource because no one has to do it alone! We are stronger together so lets use our community to build each other up and make a difference one life at a time!

**If you are a local business owner in the health and wellness field and interested in being featured please contact us**